International Academy

Partnership with S11Management, ProStars Academy and Smart Football Canada

International Academy

The objective of the project is to elevate the structure to the maximum and match it to all the top clubs in the world.

This program is an international full time academy residency program, players from all around the world will be accepted in this program with ages 16 and older. Includes high quality bedrooms, the best cooks on the island, game rooms, skin treatments, muscles and relaxing rooms of all kinds, for better preparation of athletes. Teams will have bi-daily training, in one of them the athletes will be able to integrate the training of the main team and interact with the stars of the club in order to learn and experience the Portuguese professional football experience. They will participate in internships, tournaments and physical tests.

They will be entitled to breakfast, lunch and dinner at the hotel, and extra-curricular activities like in order to guarantee a better quality of work and unity within the group.

Players can also be submitted to recordings, interviews and various multimedia interactions by the club's specialized team in this area.

Entities Involved

S11Management “focused on presenting you with the best proposals so that in a perfect way we can make a good management of your sporting career. We have a good connection with several academies around the world, where we find bright diamonds and great world talents. In addition to an agent and player relationship, a great friendship always prevails, we are professional but also human. Responsible for the business of more than 20 international players, and with intermediation services for more than 50 players.”

Prostars FC Academy “is commited to providing a professional, safe and enjoyable learning environment that meets the needs of player development. We promote the development of character, integrity and enjoyment which comes with learning and being part of a competitive team. We embrace the challenge and responsibility of teaching soccer to all of our athletes by providing opportunity in a challenging environment for them to develop their full potential on and off the pitch.”

The Smart Football Canada /SMFC/ “is dedicated to utilizing the passion for soccer to enable our players to reach the next level. Whether the goal is to reach the post-secondary, national, international, or professional level, our staff is committed to developing a strong foundation, which will be the springboard for future success. Values such as mutual respect, accountability, consistency, compassion, perseverance, and a sense of community are not just taught in the SMFC’s sports programs, they are integral to the core values of everyday school life.”



Prostars FC Academy | +1 (416) 627-2973

The Smart Football Canada /SMFC/ | +1 (416) 876-5601

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